We held our first event, X-Genesis, exclusively for the first year students of the Department of Commerce and the Department of Business Administration. The event aimed at giving the new students a platform to assess their skill and display their talent. The word ‘Genesis’ literally means ‘mode of formation’ or ‘origin’ and the event seeks to form a basis for all business situations which the students might face in the future. The tagline being “Tread into the new epoch” the event aimed at initiating the aspiring corporates into a world of cutthroat competition and giving them an opportunity to discover their abilities. Comprising events in the field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Public Relations, it gave them an insight into the corporate world, helping in their overall development. We saw the first year students of our college weather the storm of the dynamic corporate world and come out altogether more knowledgeable. X-Genesis was a great success and it received overwhelming praise from not only the students of the college but also the faculty members.