About XMC’18

Xavier‘s Management Convention is the annual national management festival organised by St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. It represents a confluence point for management students in india as corporate honchos and academicians adjudicate over events dealing with leading business issues. Competitive range across marketing, finance, human resources, corporate social responsibility, public relations, etc. 

The annual management convention takes place towards the end of every academic year. Each year, it attracts participants from all across India along with business leaders representing diverse business sector. The convention is held over two days and features ten events including a flagship event. The speaker sessions see corporate participation in most of its events. The speaker sessions see corporates from India Inc. enlighten the student fraternity with their insights on contemporary issues. This year the theme for XMC is Oblivion – A War Across Dimensions. 

In the hustle and bustle of the dynamic corporate world, one may find himself in the state of oblivion. One has to find his way up to the top and the best way to do so is to be aware of the surroundings and not get sucked into the blackhole of illusions and short-lived happiness. The cut throat competition and time constraints, the path isn’t easy. 

This year, Xavier’s Management Society presents to you XMC’18 and brings to attention the undeniable race against space and time. This war across dimensions will force you to unveil a short-cut through space-time much like wormhole or disappear yourself into oblivion. So, gear up as it’s time for the battle of wits to decide if you’re going to take the wormhole tunnel or get sucked into the blackhole. 

The time has come. Are you ready? 


Best Manager – 1

Marketing – 1

Finance – 1

HR and PR – 1

Supply Chain Management – 1

Corporate Strategy – 2

Sports Management – 1

B-Plan – 1

Treasure Hunt – 2

Gambit – 1

Theism exists as long as hope stirs souls. If there is a science that prevails across all scepticism, it is the science of hope.

The Best Manager is that hope. A leader who symbolises the epicentre for the institution is a beacon of an unwavering protagonist in the movie, that is the corporate world. Being resolute in finances, uncanny and creative in marketing, shrewd and calculative in operations and perceptive and intuitive as a recruiter, the best manager is the powerhouse who knows it all. Do you have soul to become hope? Do you have the power to shine through all the dark clouds and be the providence?

Under the immense pressure of intense competition, the one who rises beyond the boundaries defined is the one who gains!

The journey to the pinnacle is difficult. Let’s unravel what makes you impeccable.

Welcome to Transcender, A Best Manager Event, Where the End is just Beginning!

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Nishit Khemka: +91 9836674777

Shreya Chhabra: +91 9830968696


The capacity to introspect and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals is of paramount importance today. While consciousness is being aware of one one’s environment and body, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness.

There exists an eternal trade-off between time and money. The best managers know how to balance this conundrum and manipulate the two aspects in such a way that they start to complement each other. Money is your timesaver in order to reach the pinnacle of success. New enterprises, changing government polices and ever evolving markets make the financial world a deadly maze.

What if time wasn’t only an exhaustible commodity but also an astral presence with a mind and soul of its own? Time is an entity which has the tendency to challenge people and their capabilities.

It is believed that time has its own unique way of rewarding bold financial decisions. Are you content with losing small or are you willing to risk it all to win big? Do you have what it makes to pass the test of time?

It’s time to take risks and find yourself!

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Amit Poddar: +91 9748511161

Prachi Parakh: +91 9163075055


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Created a product? Work done? No. Your times now!

Your product is of no worth if people aren’t aware of its existence. Therefore, it is crucial to use the manager’s most precious weapon, the postern, Marketing. We bring to you a time where if you aren’t alert, you will get lost in the dimensions. Hence, if you think what you are doing is the best you can do, then rethink. It’s time for you to expand your horizons. Your creativity is your wormhole. Use the time you have to distinguish yourself from the other. Hone the skills you have and acquire those which you never dreamed of possessing. Use your imagination to reach the ultimate dimension.

It’s time for you to explore your opportunities. Reach out to your target group with your precious posterns. Either escape through the wormhole or get sucked into it. Well if you think you fast, it’s time to think faster because time doesn’t wait for anyone.

So, watch out before you black out!

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Kriti Agarwal: +91 9836407777

Devanshi Kauntia: +91 9874070909


“People are not your most important asset. The right people at the right time at the right place are.”

Gone are those days when the human resources department and public relations department exclusively handled internal and external communication. As integration takes further hold in modern culture, companies must consider the back-stage and front-stage employees as key players in the grand scheme of things. To stand out in this dynamic world, both departments must work closely with their top management to emerge as the custodian of corporate brand reputation.

In the ever-changing perceptions of the world, the manager has to use his presence of mind to strike the right chords at the right time with the right people. The right Kind of communication can not only build brand presence, but also sustain visibility. The challenge is to break away from the pre-conceived ethos prevailing in the corporate world and not get sucked into the wormhole of conventional strategies of communication.

Hence, one needs think on this feet and steer clear from the prevalent perceptions to battle out this war across dimensions.

Are you ready to unwind your perceptions?


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Ayushi Agarwal: +91 8961335713

Shreyans Dugar: +91 9830169693


If a plan does not work, change the plan not the goal.

A business plan is a roadmap for an idea to become an innovation. The journey will test your forbearance, tenacity and zeal for nothing is achieved without diligence. At every step, you will be enticed to take the facile foot forward. It is at your discretion to put it or not. Ideas pull the trigger but fortitude and courage loads the gun. It’s time to shoot your thoughts and plans or else time will be bygone.

Choose wisely the path you take or have the courage to build your own path. Given the time, think carefully before you act, because one wrong manoeuvre could leave an incredible mark on your record, but no manoeuvre at all could lead to permanently lost opportunities.

Do you dare to compete with time?

For future details, contact:

Tanay Shah: +91 9007350527

Raunak Sirohia: +91 8017663369


“Are you going to leave a path to trace? Or are you going to be lost in Oblivion?”

The road to success of an Enterprise is constructed by the management’s ability to create the smoothest and most functional chain of supply.

With the war across dimension beginning, one must discover the most efficient strategy to escape the Wormhole. Wars are won not only by number and weapons but also with mindful tactics and the effective use of the resources available. Managers fight a new war everyday. Their victory is contingent on their potential to formulate new solutions to convention difficulties.

The fate of the company lies within its distribution network; it’s not the organizations that are competing, it’s the supply chains.

Will you successfully reach the height of success or be sucked into the Wormhole of failure?

It is time to magnify your skills to win the war. It is your chance to give all that you’ve got-technical understanding, problem solving and thinking out of box.

Are you ready to grave this opportunity and unlocked your skills in the way you have never anticipated? Unleash your executive abilities and tread the path of effectuating your strategies. It is time to take it to the next level.

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Rashi Jain: +91 9163561676

Muskaan Jain: +91 9339855466 


Should a start-up build its own sales force or rely on third party distributers? Should an entrepreneur focus on a single niche or expand scope to serve many verticals? All of these depend on the strategy adopted – making the right choice.

Corporate Strategy is concerned with how companies create values across different businesses. It’s the overall scope and direction and the way in which its various business operations work together to achieve particular goals. Corporate strategy apply to firms of every size and in every sector. 

In this war across dimensions, get ready to put on your thinking caps, predict, strategies and execute the right tactics to rise above your opponents and win not only the battle but also the ultimate war.

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Rohil Gangwani: +91 9007868037

Shreyans Dugar: +91 9830169693


“Can you hear me? Do you know where you are? Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Now you are looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you‘re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled. “There is no greater illusion than the concept of time. It feels real, always there, inexorably moving forward. Time has flow, runs like a river. Time has velocity, always advance. Time has order, one thing after another. Time has duration, a quantifiable period between events. Time has a privileged present, only now is real. The only way to get rid of this illusion is to actually embrace it.

Most people are unworthy of this opportunity; Most people just exist and not really live, but not you. You have appreciated time. You have lived so many lives through so many characters. You were there in Westeros, Central Perk, in The Upside Down, in The Westworld, at 221B Baker Street.

You might have been any of them – The One Who Knocks, The Best Closer In NY, The Stealer Of The Blue French Horn, The One Who Loves Freddy’s BBQ Ribs, maybe you were all of them or maybe you are simply No One.

The past is already written. The ink is dry. Now, it is up to you to shape the future. Learn from the mistakes of their past, get inspired from their success, absorb their personality, let it influence you. Be audacious enough to make decisions that others weren’t courageous enough to make, but do not get your hopes high.

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention!

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Priyam Periwal: +91 9830701900

Rohit Bamalwa: +91 9903978369 


Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Sports management is the field of business dealing with sports and recreation. The unsung hero in the field of sports is the SPORTS MANAGER. A sports manager has a plethora of options to choose from, which includes the front office system in professional sports, sports marketing, facility management, sports finance and sports information Those who work in sports management may find themselves performing various functions, such as working with the finances of an athletic organization or creating marketing strategies and solving problems of the player or team they work with. These managers work day in day out behind the scenes and take no credit in the success of the team or the player. Every time their team wins, they know their ace has caused others to fold. 

“Galacticos” itself means superstars it’s your time to be a Galacticos to lead the game and conquer the universe. So it’s time to make a look over your shoulder as life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

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Anju Kabra: +91 9874442266

Bharat Jain: +91 8800485439 


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Time is running, are you?

With the passage of time, each challenge will rattle you, each being more nerve wracking and unpredictable than the last. To disentangle yourself and reach the final destination will not only require strategizing but also the power to solve every successive problem with the same zeal as the first one? 

The question is, will you dare to face time?

A maze of opportunities will come your way. An event sketched to make your body and mind work together to survive in an imbroglio that will surely knock you down. The entire City of Joy is your arena to exhibit your sagacity and sharpen your riddle solving skills.

So unleash your wits, let them wreck havoc. Dare to defy time and be the wanderer that you’ve always dreamed to be.

ALL it takes is the plan, the road map and courage to press on to your destination;

All it takes is all you’ve got!

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Samarth Desai: +91 9903037573

Prachi Parakh: + 91 9163075055